Northern Seminary is committed to providing an education wherever you are, both theologically and geographically.

We have three campuses and distance programs via interactive live-streaming (Northern Live). Each campus connects you to Northern’s community and each offers exciting ways to experience theological education. Give us a call (630) 620-2180 and we can set up a visit!



Access to diverse ministry opportunities

三级片_午夜电影网_琪琪西瓜网_快播电影Because of its proximity to so many parts of the Chicagoland area, our students are provided with a wide variety of ministry opportunities. These opportunities have opened the door to a contextualized education that stretches and challenges students in new ways. It reflects and advances our desire to take on a more practical approach to theological education.

For printable directions to the Lawndale campus click HERE.

South Side Center for Urban Leadership


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